Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

We are fully committed to making sure that you never have to worry about malicious malware, scams or fake surveys from rogue double down sites on the internet.

The following are the fundamental rules that you should follow to ensure this community remains to be the best fan website ever designed for the most amazing Facebook gaming app. These are some of the most important rules that you should always follow whenever you want to be part of our forums, replying to official posts or on the Facebook page. Unfortunately, you will be permanently banned from accessing this site is you don’t follow any of the guidelines stipulated below.

Zero tolerance to defamation on a double down casino, other community members or their affiliates

Defamation–Also referred to as libel, slander, traducement, vilification, and calumny. It can be defined as the statement which makes the claim which had been implied to be facts that might give a nation, religion, government, group, product, the business or an individual a negative perspective about a person.

We do our best to make sure that there is a personal environment for every community member to enjoy the time they spend on the platform.

Don’t Post Links To Other DDC Fan Pages

There are a few pages that we have checked and approved to post links. Most of the remaining DDC fan pages are scams which are just out there hoping to get you to like pages or share without delivery of any DDC codes, they intend to have you take part in surveys for the monetary gain or worse still to gain access to your personal information and then distribute it to third parties. Therefore, we ask you to avoid posting links.

If you post links to the scam pages here or on the Facebook page, then you risk being banned without any notification even though you didn’t have any malicious intent.

Avoid commenting or discussing concerns regarding buying the double down chips

Do you have any concerns regarding the chip package or already bought the chips? Then there is no way you are going to discuss this on our site. Instead, you might have to get in touch with the double down support team and get to submit the query ticket for the best resolution.

You should not ask other members not to take part in the DDC chip buying programs based on your opinion

While it might be frustrating to play casino games, especially if your experience at the double down casino is negative, we understand this, and that’s why we give you the chance you to post your gaming experience and present your disappointment to the board as long as you follow the rules outlined here.

No Spamming

You will be banned if you keep posting the same messages here or on the Facebook page.

No Multiple Accounts

Forgotten your password or username? Get in touch with the customer support team via email. Any attempt to create another account will result in your account being banned.